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Flexadin 60ct Bag

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Patients with damaged cartilage or arthritis develop loose pieces of collagen in the joint fluid.  These collagen bits are recognized as foreign bodies in the joint and elicit an immune response via T-cells. These T-cells target the destruction of loose collagen, but inadvertently and concurrently induce more cartilage damage, with more foreign material in the joint fluid along with swelling and soreness.  This is a vicious cycle that continues to worsen arthritis and joint function.

The most important component of Flexadin Advanced® is UC-II.  UC-II is a proprietary form of undenatured type II collagen which maintains the original collagen structure of a triple helical helix and glycosylated epitopes.  UC-II benefits cartilage via “oral tolerization.”  Ingested UC-II induces an immune response form the gastrointestinal tract (largest immune organ in the body).  Daily ingestion induces immune cells to become more tolerant to the “foreign” collagen in the joint and to ignore it.  This allows the joint to restore more normal function. 

 In essence, UC-II works similar to allergy treatments  where a small exposure to the causative problem helps moderate the immune response.  This is very different from glucosamine, low molecular weight chondroitin, manganese (Cosequin®) therapy, which is beneficial from a repair mechanism.

Flexadin Advanced® is highly palatable and is dosed as 1 chewable per dog or cat daily, regardless of size.

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